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Life Insurance For Diabetics

Buying life insurance for diabetics should not be a challenge for most people. Some people with diabetes may have been declined when they tried to buy life insurance in the past but that should not be worrisome. You just have to know which company to begin with, which is where I can help. Generally solutions are available and affordable. There's a quote link at the bottom of this page if you would like to get started today.

The place we start is asking your age when you were diagnosed. The older you were at diagnoses, the better from a life insurance perspective. Life insurance for people taking insulin or life insurance for people with juvenile diabetes is still possible to find if you are over 30 years old. If you were diagnosed before you were 30 years old, we may still be able to find solutions for you but your options will be limited

You should definitely expect a medical exam if you are a diabetic looking for life insurance. I recommend that all my clients to take their exam as early in their day as possible just like a doctor recommends. Fasting after dinner and no caffeine or tobacco use is best.

Compliance with your treatment will almost always leave you better off than not doing what your doctor recommends. The more consistent your a1c levels are, the better. Having an a1c under 7 is going to be easier to find you coverage and it demonstrates that you are in control of your diabetes. Things get tricky when your a1c starts going higher than 7 and anything over 10 will shrink your options significantly because it implies poor management of your diabetes. Again, we can still help but your options will be limited. Contact us and let me if your aic is over 7 and I can start shopping for coverage for you right away.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, diabetes alone is not difficult to insure. Life insurance for diabetics with complications is a whole other matter. Not to fear, we can help you there too. I will be writing more articles on diabetes complications in the near future.

However, if you are not consistent or compliant with your diabetic treatment, you should still purchase life insurance as soon as possible. I have met numerous people who wanted "wait and get better" and year over year they do not get in shape or get in control of their life style. You can always reapply and seek better rates in the future.

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