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Life Insurance for Marijuana Users

Marijuana use is becoming more main stream in our society today. Life insurance companies take different stances on marijuana and it is important to understand some of the details of the process for buying life insurance for pot smokers. But to answer your question, can someone who smokes marijuana buy life insurance? Typically, yes.

In life insurance terms, there are two basic categories we will address today, medical marijuana use and recreational marijuana use.

Life insurance for recreational marijuana users is straight forward. Honesty is always the best policy without exception. People who smoke pot and do not disclose that they do, seriously jeopardize their chances of getting coverage. Many people are sensitive about their use of marijuana. Confidentiality is the hallmark trait of life insurance agent professionalism. Agents and anyone associated with looking at your life insurance application is bound by confidentiality with our clients. We do not discuss your application with anyone. Ever. Period. If you smoke weed and want to buy life insurance, tell your agent. We will ask how much and how frequently you use marijuana and proceed forward.

Life insurance for medical marijuana users is slightly more complex. Let’s pretend someone got a prescription for medical marijuana for Parkinson's Disease. You are more likely to hit a road block for Parkinson's than marijuana use. The same rule applies, disclose everything if you have a prescription for medical marijuana, we need to know your dose and frequency and details from your situation about why you were prescribed pot. Marijuana use in and of itself will probably not impact your case as much as the issue that is being treated.

Some people who smoke marijuana have tried or use other drugs as well. Again, honesty is important. Insurance is built on good faith. You trust us to protect you, we trust you to tell the truth. If you have used other drugs go ahead and let your agent know and let us guide you through the process.

If you use marijuana and either feel nervous about shopping for life insurance, fill out our quote link below and we will guide you through the process. We will never judge you or disclose your information.

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