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How to Buy Life Insurance if you Suffer from Scleroderma

If you or someone you love has an existing medical condition such as scleroderma, it may prove difficult to find reasonable life insurance rates. Scleroderma is a difficult disease as it can have varying levels of severity and can change over time. If you can communicate the state of your condition well to the insurance agents, you’ll have a better chance of coming out with a decent rate.

What are the Levels of Severity of Scleroderma and Life Insurance?

If you are asking yourself, “Can I buy life insurance if I have scleroderma?” There is some good news. If you have only small areas of skin affected, the disease is developing at a slow rate, and there are no other complications showing, you’re in a low-risk category, which means you will qualify for low rates of life insurance. Conversely, if your condition covers large portions of your body, you may have trouble. If you have a type of scleroderma called CREST syndrome, which is a more severe form of the disease that affects internal organs and connective tissue like blood vessels, you may only be able to buy a graded policy.

What do Underwriters Ask About when they are Determining how Big of a Risk a Client is?

Underwriters will ask details on your overall health, including both lifestyle factors and what type of treatment plan you are following. Some of the things they will ask include:

Whether you smoke

When you were diagnosed with scleroderma

Whether or not you are taking medications

How the disease has progressed over time

Test results

What other health problems you have that are or could be associated

How well you can function day-to-day

What type of scleroderma you have

How to Calculate Life Insurance for People with Scleroderma?

Before you start your search for life insurance, it’s an excellent idea to have a good understanding of how it’s sold in the context of your condition. Table ratings basically represent how much it costs, increasing in increments of about 25% above the standard rate. So, if you hear an agent talking about a Table 4, the cost is essentially the standard rate plus 100% (4 x 25).

To give you an idea of which is which, the least severe and most localized cases of scleroderma are usually a table 2, whereas a CREST is typically at least at a table 4 level. People who are taking certain types of drugs such as steroids can expect to have another table 2 added

What Can Improve my Chances of Getting life insurance with Scleroderma?

Unfortunately, this disease can be difficult to manage, and everyone has a unique case, so it’s difficult to say how much control any one person has over this. The best thing to do is do your research and be as prepared as you can so that you present your case in the best way possible and to make sure you have an agent who is an expert in helping people with scleroderma purchase life insurance.

In addition, if you can show that you are generally taking care of yourself and your skin, treating heartburn properly, and not smoking, this is a good start.

If scleroderma is making it difficult for you to get a good deal on life insurance, we can help you find the life insurance companies that specialize in your condition. Call us now or get an online quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

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