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Life Insurance for Veterans with PTSD

Life insurance for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder is an absolute must, especially if you are a war veteran because it is one less thing to be anxious about with regards to the future. The symptoms of PTSD can range from mild to severe and can consist of flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, paranoia, and social isolation. People with PTSD can suffer from being irritable, emotionally numb, and being prone to angry outbursts. At The Wallace Group, we understand how PTSD can effect your ability to purchase life insurance. Click the quote link below and let’s get you covered today.

These symptoms can be progressive and lead to other health issues such as addiction, mood disorders, and suicidal behavior. In the past, people with post-traumatic stress disorder were often denied insurance because they were considered to be high risk, but innovations in rehabilitation and treatment have since delivered many positive outcomes for life insurance for people with PTSD.

Life Insurance for Veterans Without the Stigma

The stigma attached to life insurance for combat veterans is no longer prevalent because society-at-large now knows so much more about post-traumatic stress disorder. Brave soldiers returning from tours in Afghanistan or Iraq experienced such shocking horrors that PTSD became almost an expected consequence of having served in the military. However, nowadays, thanks to medications and cognitive behavioral therapies, many veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are high-functioning and live prosperous, happy, and nearly symptom-free lives. Insurance companies are now able to offer many PTSD survivors an affordable rate on life insurance.

Life Insurance for People With PTSD

It is important to note that you do not have to be a war veteran to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. The condition can be triggered in anyone of any age or occupation by any traumatic experience.

Although you should be optimistic about your application for PTSD life insurance, you should also be realistic about your condition and why certain treatments or events may increase your life insurance rates. Typically, the rate class of life insurance for people with post-traumatic stress disorders is determined by sixteen qualifiers, which can be determined by answering the following questions.

How many years have you been diagnosed with the disorder and has your PTSD been classified as mild, moderate or severe?

What type and how many medications are you on and for how long?

Are you currently under the care of a physician and do you still see your doctor regularly?

Does your condition require that you see a psychiatrist?

Have you ever attempted suicide, self-harm, or have you thought about doing either?

Has your PTSD ever led to violence or your arrest?

Have you ever been hospitalized or sent to an addiction treatment facility due to PTSD?

Your answers to the above questions can help determine your eligibility for life insurance. Some people get rated higher or lower depending on the severity of their PTSD. However, life insurance for veterans with PTSD may be more affordable than you think, and the days where a request for life insurance for a combat veteran was almost guaranteed a refusal are long gone.

The Wallace Group aims to make the application as stress-free as possible. Tact, understanding and an easy conversation about life insurance for veterans is always just a quick click away on The Wallace Group. Click the quote link below to learn more about how you can be covered with life insurance.

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