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Life Insurance for Smokeless Tobacco Users

Are you a smokeless tobacco user looking to buy life insurance?

Although people who use tobacco but do not smoke it face fewer health risks than those who do smoke tobacco, they are still presented with some health risks. Thus, smokeless tobacco users may not have as much difficulty getting affordable life insurance as smokers might, they may be placed in the same category as they are evaluated by a life insurance company unless they are working with an agent who knows what companies do not give tobacco rates to smokeless tobacco users. This is where we come in.

If you’re someone who vapes, dips, snuffs or chews tobacco--all of which are statistically less harmful than regular smoking--you’re still at risk of getting gouged with high insurance rates. However, it’s still possible to find affordable life insurance for people who chew, vape or snuff tobacco.

How is life insurance calculated for people who use smokeless tobacco?

Some life insurance companies require physical exams including blood and urine tests, which will indicate the presence of nicotine. When this shows up on an exam, many life insurance companies will immediately place you in a high-risk category and may even double your life insurance premium.

Some companies who offer life insurance with no medical exam will usually give non-smoker rates to smokeless tobacco users.

Life insurance companies tend to look at your tobacco use in the context of the past year. If you have been using it regularly recently, you’re at risk with some companies of being categorized as a smoker, even if you are not physically smoking the tobacco. They probably won’t consider how often you use it, either. So, for instance, you could be an occasional tobacco chewer, someone who quit six months ago, or someone with an extremely low-risk health profile, but still be placed in a category equivalent to that of a heavy smoker.

However, there are some life insurance companies today that do understand the differing risks between these two categories of tobacco users. We know who those carriers are and will direct our smokeless tobacco users accordingly.

What can smokeless tobacco users do to reduce their insurance rates?

It’s important to keep looking around for life insurance providers who understand the difference in health risks between smokers and smokeless tobacco users. Some of them offer non-smoker rates even if you vape, chew or snuff tobacco.

Not testing positive for nicotine during your physical examination is really one of the key factors that can make or break your high insurance rates. But your overall rate will depend on your unique situation and health circumstances.

If you vape or use smokeless tobacco products and you’re looking for life insurance, or if you’ve been charged the same rates as a smoker despite the fact that you are not a smoker, contact us now to talk about how to reduce your life insurance premium significantly.

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