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Affordable Life Insurance for Seniors

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens need life insurance just like everyone else. Life insurance will help preserve assets and cover final expense costs which keeps your family from paying for your funeral expenses out of pocket. Click the quote link at the bottom on the page and we can start helping you shop dozens of top rated carriers today!

If you are 65 or older, you are likely to be on a fixed income which is something we keep in mind when we are finding the right carrier for you. We take your needs and unique situation as well as your medical history to help us find the right policy for you at an affordable rate.

A good life insurance policy for seniors does not have to be expensive. Buying senior life insurance does not have to be complicated or difficult.

Here are the steps we take when writing life insurance policies for seniors;

1. We talk on the phone so we can get to know each other and learn about your medical history. 2. I shop numerous carriers for the best rates available to you, while we are on the phone together. 3. We submit an application to the top rated carrier of your choosing. 4. The company usually gives the decision within 24-48 hours.

Senior life insurance usually does not require a medical exam and in most cases, no phone interview. Decisions are usually made within a week. Senior life insurance carriers will usually only perform a prescription drug check. Depending on your medical history and the carrier, some will exam your medical records but we will let you know before you decide.

Life insurance applications for seniors are very easy to complete are can be done over the phone in a matter of minutes. You can also sign the applications with your voice in many cases.

Once your application has been approved and the policy is issued, you will have coverage on the first day and you can ease your mind knowing that you are covered.

We strongly recommend whole life if you are buying these policies for taking care of your final expenses. There are a few key elements of senior life insurance that you should know; 1. Your premium will be fixed for life and guaranteed. You will not see a premium increase because these are whole life policies. 2. Whole life insurance policies for seniors will never expire. 3. Life insurance policies for seniors are guaranteed death benefits that will not decrease. This is something that can happen with term and universal policies.

At The Wallace Group, we hold ourselves to two very important standards, we never allow our clients to be surprised (except at how affordable life insurance for seniors is) and we do not sell anything to our clients that we do not thoroughly explain and walk through pros and cons. Our primary objective is to serve our clients and not confuse or rip anyone off.

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