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No Exam Life Insurance

Many people will not visit the topic of life insurance because they are busy. People generally buy their first life insurance policy when they first get married or get a new job. Time goes on, and now you have a policy that over 5 years old, a mortgage, a car note, a baby, and maybe some debt. Do you think the policy you bought years ago will still take care of you enough today?

Many companies are now offering no exam life insurance for families on the go. You can purchase up to $500,000 in coverage in most cases and the most you would have to do is complete a phone interview with an underwriter. The other advantage of no exam life insurance is decisions are usually quick and done within a few days.

If you need more than $500,000 in coverage, you should prepare for a lab. Some companies will accept you on a non-medical basis, but you must meet certain medical qualifications. For details, hit the quote link below.

No exam life insurance is also a great fit for people who fear needles. People who fear needles can buy life insurance. I have met many people over the years who never bought life insurance because they could not stand being stuck with needles. If you fear needles, hit the quote link below.

No exam life insurance is usually priced competitively against carriers who require labs. Some people have spread the rumor that no exam life insurance or non-medical life insurance is more expensive than life insurance with a paramedical exam. That’s not true. In fact, in some cases, someone who would ordinarily get rated as standard or higher will pay the same price as someone who would qualify for preferred. I had someone recently who was getting rates back at table B (a rate increase) with other carriers. I did a bit of looking and found them a non-medical policy with a competitive price.

Something to bear in mind, some people think they can pull a fast one on the life insurance company by not going through a lab. It is never smart to try and fool a life insurance company. Non-medical life insurance companies base their decision on the phone interview, the prescription report, and looking through the medical information bureau. Always be honest. We can find life insurance for most people even with serious health conditions but lying on an application never goes well.

Whether you are busy parent driving the children from one activity to the next, a truck driver who is never home, a real estate agent who is always with a client, or perhaps you just don’t like getting stuck by needles, a non-medical life insurance could be a fit for you. Hit the quote link below and let’s get started.

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